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Educonnecting is your agency in Australia! We are a young agency, made up by dreamers achieving goals, dreamers like you who decided to live, work and study abroad. For this reason, we understand that each person has specific needs regarding visa applications, choice of academic programs, advice on looking for the right job and off course they need a friendly hand to help them adapt to this wonderful culture. Count on us, we are here to support you and make your experience in Australia the best adventure of your life. 

“Educonnecting show itself as a young brand of adventure and professional success. For this reason, we are going to target our brand towards people who are segmented in these interests: studying abroad, professional success, mastering a second language and travelling around the world”.

Educonnecting Will be your helping hand from the moment you decide to start this adventure! We will advise you on selecting your academic program and boarding, we will identify the budget that best suits your needs, we will help you with the application to the school of your choice and we will process your student visa application. Once your visa has been approved, we will help you find the cheapest air fares and we will give you all the necessary information for you to get ready for your trip.


Oh! And you will also be communicated from the beginning, since we will give you a SIM card at your country of origin so that you can be in touch with your loved ones. But this is not all, when you arrive in Australia you will be welcomed by our team, who will help you with everything regarding procedures you must complete in order to be able to work, such as your Tax File Number (TFN) and your Australian Business Number (ABN), how to make your CV for job applications, opening your bank account and everything related to your medical insurance. By being part of our community you Will be able to attend all our events in Australia such as seminars, talks, BBQs, training courses for you to have more work opportunities, and many more activities organized by our team so that your stay in Australia will be the most rewarding adventure you’ve ever had.