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Give a new boost to your business and elevate your offerings by becoming an Educonnecting Agent. We believe in the transformative power of education and collaboration. Let’s join forces to transform lives, inspire change and open doors to endless opportunities. Become part of the Educonnecting family and watch your business prosper like never before.

Reasons that make Educonnecting the perfect choice for your agency

I could take my agency to a new level, with amplified visibility and student outreach.
I would no longer need to worry about students feeling abandoned in their educational destiny. This would greatly improve my customer service.
I could offer my students a variety of top-notch study programs from various international educational institutions.
I could significantly improve my efficiency by providing faster and more effective educational services.
I see a future with a decrease in student flight. Ongoing support will be key to retaining my students.
Now I could answer my students’ specific local questions. It would enhance my relationship with them by providing a deeper local knowledge.
I could provide my students with unique experiences and enrich their educational journey.
I could provide expert guidance and immediate assistance to my students at any time, regardless of their time zone.
I expect an increase in student recommendations and referrals. Constant commitment to student satisfaction will drive my growth.

Discover the benefits

Embark on a valuable journey of growth, discovery and prosperity. Here’s why partnering with Educonnecting will be a turning point for your business:
  1. Access seamless access to our innovative Recruitment Platform

Your personal reservation system, redefined. With exclusive access to our innovative recruiting platform, gain comprehensive access to leading educational institutions around the world. Full transparency, zero hassle – streamline your student processes with just a few clicks.

  1. Access to a world of world-class education programs

It opens doors to various study programs – ELICOS, Certificates, Diplomas, Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate degrees in various formats. With Educonnecting, enrich your agency’s portfolio and meet the unique educational needs of your students, all in one place.

  1. Empowering students with our Centers of Expertise

It closes the gap between expectations and reality. Located in key cities across Australia, our Experience Centers are ready to wow your students with immersive experiences and facilitate seamless transitions.

  1. 24-hour support

We are by your side, always. With our 24/7 support, empower your students with expert guidance and industry knowledge, regardless of time zone. Our dedicated team of professionals is just a phone call away to ensure the success of your students’ trip.

  1. Educonnecting Advantage Package exclusive (extra cost) RRP USD299

Gain an advantage with our Educonnecting Advantage Package. From personalized support to preferential access to special events, our tools and resources ensure that your students enjoy a memorable educational journey. As a partner, you have everything you need to create complete and immersive experiences.

  1. Boost your visibility and expand your reach

Amplify your agency’s visibility on our platform and take advantage of the opportunity to reach a wider group of potential students. With Educonnecting, your agency’s name will resonate far and wide, backed by unique promotional opportunities such as featured on our website and much more.

  1. Embrace the Educonnecting culture

Join our passionate team and thrive in an environment that values innovation, transparency, and teamwork.