We offer pre-purchase and post-purchase counseling once you have made your reservation. The first ones are in groups and we explain the destinations, the English levels, the cities, how the Educonnecting experience is, the costs and much more; while in the personalized counseling we start with your process, depending on the city, the time and the type of course you have chosen, in these counseling sessions you will only be with your experience coordinator.

Travel Guides

The guides are created so that you have all the necessary and useful information for your study trip, from what plug they use in the country of destination to what we recommend you to carry in your luggage (hold and hand luggage). In addition, you have specific guides such as those for accommodation, which have general recommendations but also by city, including costs and the documentation you will need to rent.


Our general newsletter will give you all the information you need to know before your trip, tell you stories about our students and give you the news you need to know before anyone else tells you. Please note that you must subscribe to this service to start receiving it free of charge to the e-mail address you specify.

Documentation checklist

Our visa experts will accompany you in your complete documentation process according to your profile and the course you have chosen, where we will ask you for all the information to make the application for a place with the school and also in the visa process. We have very organized processes that will allow you to consult all the status of your process at any time you require and consult with us in case of concerns.


Many of our students want to work at the same time they do their courses in order to cover their daily expenses, so we give weekly workshops that prepare you to work as a bartender, barista and in the hospitality sector, including theoretical and practical parts, so you can feel more confident when looking for a job in those areas. Our workshops are free of charge and include a certificate.

Welcome celebration & Happy Hour

When you arrive at your destination we will schedule several induction sessions and a very special one to celebrate your arrival, the welcome celebration is held every month with all incoming students, so you can meet new friends and always be accompanied; in addition, every Friday we have happy hour, where we do different activities to have fun and end the week with good vibes.

Open Days and Eduferias

If the time has come to renew your visa or to enroll in a new course (language or VET), you can attend our Open Days that we have every week and that allow you to access a wide range of high quality programs, just keep in mind that each week they have different themes, so check them out so you can schedule the one that best suits your interests. If you want direct contact with schools and access to exclusive promotions through Educonnecting, then Eduferias are for you! These are held once a month and in addition to knowing all the options available at the best prices, you can also participate in the workshops that we conduct only in these events.

Newsletter Jobs

It is an exclusive subscription that gives you all the information about available jobs by city (in your destination country). This is a support we give you at no cost so that you can get a job faster and accomplish all your goals abroad.

Remember that this newsletter is intended to inform you before your trip, subscribe now and do not miss any information.

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