Perth is located in the territory of Western Australia, is its capital and has a variety of very interesting landscapes thanks to its location. Very close to the city you can visit deserts, islands, sea and valleys where grapes are harvested, which are the main ingredient of high quality Australian wine. So it is a city that has very different attractions and that will allow you to perform a wide variety of activities.

On the other hand, a curious fact is that many families choose Perth as their place to live due to its tranquility, residential areas, high quality of life and lower cost of living compared to major cities. Keep in mind that this is a regional city, so it also has additional immigration benefits in case that after some time living here you feel that this is really your second home, in that case with our partner Visa Migration Services we can give you more advice about it.

Estudiar en Perth

You should also know about the benefits you will have when studying in Perth: one of the main ones are the discounts on transportation as an international student, which helps considerably in the payments you can have month to month; it is also a region where 70% of the year you will have clear and blue skies, being the capital city of Australia that has more hours of sunshine per year; it also has an excellent research community, which is very important at an educational level.

Perth is located in the southwestern part of Australia, facing the Indian Ocean. Crossing the Indian Ocean in a straight line it meets South Africa (8512 km away) and to the north (5705 km away) is Antarctica. Perth is a medium-sized city of about 2 million people with a large growth plan for the next few decades.

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Perth is a predominantly warm and somewhat dry/arid city. Temperatures in winter can reach up to 10 °C and in summer are usually 28-31 °C, so it is always recommended to use sunscreen and not to spend long hours in the sun.

This is a city that is located in a very particular region, so it easily combines sand, beach and forest scenery. Some of the most popular places are: the Pinnacles, a forest of spectacular rock formations; Busselton, a marine observatory where migratory whales pass between September and December; Swan Valley, thousands of hectares dedicated to planting grapes for wine with different varieties… if you want to know more, don’t forget to check the blog article: advantages of studying in Perth.

The first thing you should know is that as an international student you must have health insurance, which in this case is called OSHC (Overseas Student Health Coverage) and once you arrive on the island you can activate it, from that moment you will be fully covered in case of any accident or to attend medical consultations, pick up some medications and other necessary health care.

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