Study a VET and Work

Studying a VET and working is a very interesting option that not all international education countries offer and that will greatly help you to obtain specific knowledge, by levels and with quite practical schedules so that you can combine it with a job and thus achieve your goals in a timely manner. easier way.

A VET course is a course for vocations, that is, they are courses for professions and they go by levels. For example, you may get a VET course in Digital Marketing and it has 4 levels of certifications, thus, at each level you will learn specific knowledge and you will be certified for each one and in the end you will come out fully prepared in this specific area of knowledge.

These types of courses are a great option to enter the job market in a specific area, since they have excellent academic recognition and are faster than an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. In addition, they are cheaper, which makes it easier for many people to follow this educational path to achieve their goals more quickly.

Keep in mind that to take this type of courses you must have a medium-high level of English. You can check the requirements for each program once you select them in our courses section.


Frequently Asked Questions

A VET course is a vocational course, i.e. the content is specifically geared towards vocational content. So, you may take a VET course in Mental Health and each level/certification you take you will learn more and more advanced and in-depth topics, so that when you finish all the levels you will have a solid knowledge in that area of knowledge. There are usually 4 levels in each VET course by vocation.

Among the main ones are the level of English, since you must be able to understand all the contents of the classes and be able to prepare your work or homework, and also with a visa that allows you to study in the destination you have chosen. Please note that these are leveled and profession-specific courses.

There are more than 100 options available to you and they go according to your profession, but let’s name a few: Project and program management, Nursing, Cultural Arts, Information Technology, Business, Marketing and communication, Allied health, Music, Software & website development, Laboratory science, among many others that you can check in our courses section.

This depends entirely on the area of knowledge in which you develop and the opportunities available in the market, but it is possible that by obtaining your certificates you will be able to opt for different positions. Another very common option is to enter a different job opportunity and having your certifications approved you can apply within the same company for new opportunities in another area of expertise.

Please note that the cost of a VET course depends entirely on the area of knowledge, the type of school and the city you choose. We invite you to consult your options and all the costs in our courses section.

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