Yes, you can see these courses as specific subjects that give you all the theory so that you can discover and explore certain job areas in a faster way.

Vocational courses also offer certificates or diplomas that qualify you in these skills and that you can present them in your CV. This is very valuable since there are many countries that require professionals in specific areas, so you could opt for good positions and with more competitive salaries. If you don’t know what to study and you are open to these options, you can look for official government listings that indicate those professions that are most in demand.

Another great benefit of this type of program is that the duration is staggered, so that to begin to get certified and be able to work in each sector, you will need a few months and the more levels you achieve, the more positions and offers you may be able to access.

Cursos vocacionales

The main thing is that the student must have a high level of English (or French) in order to be able to understand the content of the classes, to carry out the debates or discussions in class and to be able to write the written assignments or take the exams. In addition, you must have a student visa and make the corresponding payments.

These types of courses are available in Australia and Canada, where in each country they have different names, but the educational structure is similar. In Canada they are known as AVS, DVS, STC or apprenticeships, depending on the program and level; while in Australia they are known as VET.

It depends on the level, the country, the type of course and even the city, so to quote the cost of a program we recommend you to go to the courses section and you will be able to choose the one you want and you will know the price instantly.

No, certifications do not include an effective date, however, like all professional knowledge, it is always advisable to take refresher courses on tools and theoretical knowledge a couple of times a year.

This depends on each educational system and institution, but in the course section you can see the description of what is included in each program and be sure that you will not be charged additional fees. If you have any specific questions you can ask us through the chat.

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