Now, you will also discover that in this region you will enjoy very warm summers and winters with snow included, so prepare your coats or buy some second hand there, for sure it will be an essential item for your days in Montreal, Canada.

If we talk about Montreal you will surely know that it is a city where French predominates, although English is also spoken. It is one of the main cities in Canada where the cultural movement and plans with friends predominate. Among these famous events you can find jazz festivals, the Grand Prix or the international humor festival, in Montreal there is something for everyone!

Discover all the course options we have waiting for you, we have available the famous language courses, but there are also vocational courses (according to each profession), co-op programs, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Estudiar en Montreal

Yes, in this case we will always recommend to all our students that regardless of the course they are going to take, they should always have a medical insurance that can cover them in case of any eventuality. Your health will always be a priority. At Educonnecting we can advise you when you are in the process.

It depends on the type of studies you are going to do. As you know there is the possibility to take language courses that take less time to learn, but in the cases of vocational courses, university education or co-op programs you can opt for a more complete student visa, which in many cases usually includes a work permit, but this is validated depending on your type of course, length of stay, etc. See more information in our courses section.

If you are learning the language, you will most likely have plenty of time for cultural immersion activities, such as strolling through Old Montreal, visiting Mount Royal, enjoying an open-air concert at the Place des Festivals or relaxing in the gardens of Space for Life. Now, if you are a student in a vocational or higher education program, you will most likely want to combine your adventure with a part-time job, as this will greatly help to cover your expenses in this new country.

According to information elaborated by our experts, you can reach a very good level after 1 year of studies, although this varies depending on the level at which you start and to which you want to reach, that is why we recommend you to know more in depth our available courses, which you can review and compare.

Once you learn one of its official languages, you can enter vocational courses, which will allow you to learn practical skills in a specific area of knowledge in a short period of time and obtain a certificate that will enable you to work in that field. Discover all the options we have in Montreal on our courses page.

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