Learning general English will help you master the different areas of application of the language: speaking (also known as speaking), writing (or writing) and listening (or listening). Each one of these learning are different and there are methodologies to understand each one, so you can have fluent conversations with people from different parts of the world, be able to chat or write emails that allow you to connect with new colleagues or listen to a podcast or a movie without the need for simultaneous translations.

Learning English is a basic and necessary tool in both the personal and professional world, so your academic training should always include this skill and with it you will obtain better results.

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International certifications usually assign letters and numbers according to the levels of English, so they are distributed in A1 (basic), A2 (basic intermediate-high), B1 (low intermediate), B2 (intermediate intermediate-high), C1 (advanced) and C2 (bilingual).

In general, these are the books or primers that each institution handles and that will help you to work on the theory and practice according to each level. Keep in mind that each institution handles different study materials, according to their teaching methodologies.

In our experience, the courses we offer in countries where this is the official language means that you learn much faster than in a traditional course in a Spanish-speaking country, because the immersive experiences involve a faster and more nurturing learning process. On this subject we have an article in our blog that we invite you to read.

This will depend entirely on the level you are at and how much you dedicate yourself to learning the language. Keep in mind that the more you communicate in this language and venture into non-Spanish experiences, the faster you will be able to reach an advanced level. According to the Educonnecting matrix, an approximate period of 12 months starting from 0.

Courses start at 5500 Australian dollars, but the price will depend entirely on the type of school, the length of the course and the city you choose. Keep in mind that the more weeks your course lasts, the lower the price per week will be.

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