Study In Brisbane

According to the University of Queensland (Brisbane is the capital of the Queensland Territory), the careers and areas of knowledge most in demand in this territory are: medicine and everything related to health, social work and care for the elderly, tourism, events and the entire hospitality sector, construction, innovation and IT.

Another strong point are the outdoor activities, since they are one of the best plans you can do thanks to its natural surroundings. Something interesting and curious about this city is that being a coastal city, it has no beach, but just over an hour from the city, you will have miles and miles of beaches like the Sunshine Coast!

In addition, an interesting fact is that the Mayor of the city holds annual events to meet foreign students who are in the city developing their skills, called “Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony” and these events are intended to create links between students and the city ¡Viva estudiar en Brisbane!


According to Google Maps, if you go by private car it will take about 1 hour (57 minutes), while if you decide to take public transportation (there are several routes), it will take 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Approximately 480 Australian dollars per week: this amount only covers accommodation, transportation and average meals. For more details related to cost of living you can download our travel guides.

English classes are in blocks of 4 hours, which can have AM or PM shifts, depending on the school you choose. Keep in mind that with your student visa you will also be able to work, in case you need to cover part of your expenses while studying in Australia or you can even save money.

Immersive study experiences are those where you are not only learning during class, but also outside the classroom. So, learning is usually much faster and more fun, since even to order a coffee you are usually practicing, it is a constant adventure.

Here it depends on the type of course you choose, since in Brisbane you can take English, VET, undergraduate or postgraduate courses, however, some general requirements are the medical insurance for international students, the study visa and the letter of intent. Don’t forget that you can check the detailed requirements on our courses page.

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