Estudiar en Toronto

Estudiar en Toronto es una meta increíble, ya que este lugar vibra con su propio estilo.

It is the most populous city in Canada and also the largest, so it manages to bring together large companies that have their headquarters in this city, but also houses large parks, lakes and a very famous skyline.

Its climate is mild, in summer it can be on average over 20°C, although in winter it can drop to -10°C. Thus, this climate will allow you to enjoy the snow during the winter, experience what a fireplace or heating is like at home and many different culinary experiences and activities that you are not used to. We are sure that studying in Toronto, Canada will change your life!

Also, keep in mind that we have a wide variety of courses that you can combine with unique experiences, such as visiting the Toronto Islands, hiking Niagara Falls, climbing the CN Tower or strolling through the Distillery District, all while taking the educational program of your choice.

Estudiar en Toronto

Preguntas frecuentes

The student life in Toronto is quite strong, both for all the people of this country and for foreigners who decide to visit to strengthen their language skills and live an immersive experience, although it also has first class institutions where you can take complementary courses to your career, study an undergraduate or a diploma.

Keep in mind that Toronto is the financial heart of Canada, so many important companies have their offices here and you could find excellent opportunities in your area of work, gain new knowledge or expand your network of contacts, which will always be of great help in your professional future.

There are different English courses, either general or focused on academic purposes (such as passing an exam) and we even have courses related to specific areas of knowledge. See our courses page for more information and to learn about costs and requirements.

Yes, there are types of visas for student couples and these apply for full-time courses, but not for English courses. If you are interested in this type of visa, you can consult our courses page and learn more about the requirements for this type of course.

Toronto is located in the south of the country, so it is not as cold as other cities. We recommend you to bring clothes for different seasons, taking into account that summers will not be so hot but keep a warm temperature of 20 °C. For more details you can consult our travel guides, where we give you detailed information on what to take in your carry-on and checked baggage.

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