You have probably heard that for managerial or executive positions it is necessary to have global and strategic knowledge, which will allow the candidate to maneuver with the teams to obtain good performance and an excellent use of resources.

This is why at this stage of knowledge, students are prepared to face more ambitious challenges in the workplace. These programs are known as master’s, master’s or master’s degrees (depending on your country) and there are also doctorates or specializations, depending on the areas of knowledge.

Cursos profesionales

Yes, this is what is called the ladder of the educational system and its phases are defined according to each country. To learn more about the recommended route and to find out where you are within this structure, you can consult Educonnecting’s travel guides and you will find all the information about Canada and Australia.

Each program and each institution has different schedules according to each type of course, however, when they are courses for professionals, it is very likely that the schedules are designed around work schedules. We suggest that you consult the Educonnecting courses section for your program of interest.

Usually a master’s degree lasts 1 to 2 years, while a specialization usually lasts about 1 year and, finally, a doctorate depends largely on the degree work, so there are some that can last up to 5 years, but it depends largely on the student and the dedication he/she can give to complete his/her studies.

Yes, as long as you have the proper visa that gives you permission to study and work, then you will be able to do so. Please note that we can give you more information on this in all our social networks and also in the description of each course.

It depends largely on how you want to carry out this process, the country and the objectives of each one, since it is possible that you must apply for one or another type of visa depending on the case; however, many families do this process since it is possible, there should only be clarity in the individual objectives of the family members, if there are minors, if they also want to take the pet, etc.

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