According to the official Study in Sydney website, the state of New South Wales (where Sydney is located) has welcomed more than 200,000 students from 160 different countries, so you are sure to make new friends who will change the way you look at life and who will be going through the same experience as you.

If you are wondering what else you can do in your free time, this Australian coastal city offers art, culture and a wide range of gastronomy, where you will find flavors from different parts of the world, accompanied of course by a good Australian wine, haven’t you tried it yet?

For sure when you come to study in Sydney you will start another chapter of adventures in your life. Not only this city but Australia as a whole is known for being a country that prides itself on its values of equality, tolerance and freedom. It is a destination that will allow you to develop your personality and where you can choose what to develop your skills in, it is a place to explore and have fun.

Our courses start from 12 weeks per course, but this will depend on the level of English you wish to achieve. At Educonnecting we have developed a tool that allows you to know the average recommended time for each level, according to your objectives. For more information you can go directly to the courses section.

It depends entirely on the job you want to apply for, there are some jobs where no level of English is necessary as it does not require you to be in communication with other people, such as a cleaning job, but for jobs related to a profession it is usually required that you have a minimum upper intermediate level (B2) to be able to communicate verbally and in writing.

Yes, we have workshops that will help you train in the hospitality sector, we have options to become a bartender, barista and a more general hospitality one (at the moment this service is offered exclusively in Australia, but ask our consultants if there are already options in other destinations, as we are constantly implementing new trainings). In addition, they are free of charge and offer certification at no cost.

Courses start at 5500 Australian dollars (this currency is cheaper than the US dollar). Please note that the price will change depending on three factors: the city you choose, the type of school you want to enroll in and the duration of the course. Expert tip: usually the longer you sign up the lower the price per week.

At Educonnecting we only work with high quality institutions that meet all the educational requirements of each country and have a high rate of favorability and recommendation from their students. Thus, we have a model established in 3 categories: premium, standard plus and standard schools, so that you can always choose among excellent options according to your needs.

we focus on making access to international education easier for thousands of students who want to achieve their goals, whether it is learning a new language or obtaining new academic certifications abroad.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the market and have connected with more than 35,000 students, which makes us one of the best study reference agencies.

In addition, all the programs we offer through our website have the best reviews and are verified as official within the laws of each country, so you can be sure that you are choosing a real and high quality educational institution.