Study At University & Work

The best thing is that with Educonnecting you will have all the necessary guides to make this dream come true. The first thing to keep in mind is that you must already have a high level of English and be certified with one of the official language exams, such as IELTS or Cambridge, as this is one of the main requirements you will be asked to meet.

Other requirements you will be asked to provide are your previous educational documents, such as transcripts and high school graduation certificates (in case you are going to study a postgraduate or undergraduate degree). Please note that all documents must be apostilled and must have translations done by official translators. Educonnecting will also guide you through these processes so that you can complete the process correctly.

Estudiar en una universidad y trabajar

On the other hand, your study visa must also be for a longer period of time, whether it is an undergraduate degree (4, 5 or 6 years) or a graduate degree (2 to 4 years). On the visa side we also have a whole area of experts dedicated entirely to advise you and help you in the whole process of documentation and application with the embassy.

Don’t forget that studying at a university and working is a long term goal, since they are considering years to achieve this goal, the good thing is that if you have a high certified level of English, it is very likely that you can get a higher paying job and thus afford all the necessary expenses for this adventure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the first thing you must do is to meet the requirements such as the English level and pass the interviews with the institution to obtain a place in the chosen career. In parallel and on the subject of work, if you already have an advanced level of English it is possible to apply according to your experience to different positions, there are even official government lists with the most demanded professions in the country, which could help you in your search.

Due to the good quantity and quality of universities in the countries where we work, we have a very wide range of university study programs. Some of the branches are agronomy, business, marketing, advertising, arts, history, pure sciences, among many others. We invite you to know all the options you have in our courses page.

Yes, and you must have a high level. This is because the classes will be in this language in most of the countries we offer, with the exception of Canada where there are options that accept French and where the classes would be in French. At the moment we have no options for university programs in Spanish. Don’t forget to check out all the options available to you on the courses page.

This is viable depending on the destination you choose and the type of program, there are some countries where it is allowed and even your partner is given a work permit, this way both can work even if only one can study, but it is an excellent option to build a new career path, it all depends on your goals. Consult with us about what options allow you to make this possible.

It depends a lot on the type of program, the university, the country and the city and also on the moment you are going to study it. The best thing to do is to start by selecting the program you want to take on our courses page and you can see the real time prices of your goal.

we focus on making access to international education easier for thousands of students who want to achieve their goals, whether it is learning a new language or obtaining new academic certifications abroad.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the market and have connected with more than 35,000 students, which makes us one of the best study reference agencies.

In addition, all the programs we offer through our website have the best reviews and are verified as official within the laws of each country, so you can be sure that you are choosing a real and high quality educational institution.