Studying and working

Studying and working in a new destination is an opportunity to rediscover one's limits, try new types of jobs and learn different soft and hard skills.

Now, if your level of English is high and you are already certified in the language, you also have at your disposal the options of undergraduate and graduate degrees, which have a greater load of subjects, but the knowledge is also in different thematic areas of the program you choose, which will give you a lot of versatility when looking for a job.

Whether your interest lies in mastering a language in its different facets: writing, conversational and reading, or perhaps you are more interested in taking a vocational course according to your profession that allows you to obtain a professional certification in your area of interest, these two options are usually the most appealing for many students who want to start their way in a new country and that give a greater amount of free hours to share with a part-time job.

Estudiar y trabajar

Discover below all the options available to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the country, there are different online networks or in-person offices, although there are some international networks such as LinkedIn that eliminate these barriers. We recommend that you keep your CV in English to apply for job vacancies, this will help recruiters if they are not Spanish speakers and they will be able to know your skills and abilities. At Educonnecting we have Jobs sessions where we teach you how to build your CV and you can also sign up for our jobs newsletter.

Depending on your destination and visa type, you may be granted a work permit, which will allow you to do an allowable amount of time that can be properly balanced with your study schedule. Governments study this amount of hours in depth because the intention is that you achieve your educational goals and have an economic livelihood that will allow you to continue on your way. Know your options here.

International students tend to find jobs more easily in the hospitality sectors, such as bartenders, baristas, cleaners, waiters, laborers, messengers, among others. With an advanced command of English, they tend to find job opportunities more related to their professions. As a totally free help you can attend our workshops in Australia, which give you all the knowledge for various hospitality jobs and come with certificates.

This depends a lot on the country you choose, but there are options such as vocational courses, English courses exclusively for international students, learning English for business or related to your profession, having programs that combine work (in the area of expertise) with theoretical studies and much more. We recommend you to schedule a consultation to validate your options.

This depends on your objectives, however, you have options related to warm and cold climates, such as Australia and Canada; you also have short language courses that will give you more free hours to work and make friends, attend cultural events, go to our workshops and much more. Discover all the options we have for you by scheduling a consultation.

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