Keep in mind that Canada is a country that constantly encourages migration, so you will be in a multicultural environment with benefits that provide a great quality of life.

In addition, this country has student visas that, depending on the type of course, may also grant work permits, so you will be able to cover your expenses. Just note that it does not apply to language courses.

Did you know that Canada has some of the world’s top universities in terms of academic quality? Also, keep in mind that this is an immersive experience, so if your goal is to learn one of their languages, you will be able to do so in a fairly quick time.

Estudiar en Canadá

English and French courses, vocational courses that vary in time and depth, undergraduate, co-op and graduate programs. See all the options in detail in our courses section.

Depending on what you want to learn, you will probably favor one city over another, for example, if your goal is French, it is more advisable to go to Quebec, but if you want to study a co-op program in a specific area of expertise, it would depend on which institutions offer it and where they are located. Discover all your options in our courses section.

For any study trip we always recommend having travel insurance for international students, this way you will always be protected in case of any eventuality (remember to choose insurance that includes medical and dental emergencies).

Yes, we guide and accompany you throughout the visa application process according to the program you have chosen. We also tell you what benefits you can and cannot receive with your student visa.

This depends entirely on the type of program you choose. When it comes to language courses, student work permits are generally not granted; these options are reserved for vocational, undergraduate, co-op and graduate programs. Find out more about each one in our courses section.

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