Study In Adelaide

If you’re looking for a less popular city that can help you save more and earn better wages, you’ve come to the right place. According to the official Study Adelaide website, this city has a 12% cheaper cost of living compared to Australia’s big cities, which will allow you to save more and spend less on basic items such as housing, food and transportation.

Also, due to the size of the city you won’t have to do as much transportation or worry about overcrowding, as it has a perfect balance point in those respects, this is a very appealing place for those who want some peace and quiet, it is a place where you can focus much better on your learning and it has a much smaller Spanish-speaking community.

Finally you should know that Adelaide is a regional city, so it also has the benefits of migration if at any time you feel that this country has already become your new home, if this is your case we can help you with the support of our partner Visa Migration Services to make your dream come true.


We have agreements with English language institutions (general, for academic purposes, for certifications and more) as well as VET courses and university programs (undergraduate and graduate). We recommend that you consult our courses section so that you can review which programs are best suited to what you want to achieve according to your objectives. Please note that these courses can be taken for different number of months and you have different types of schools to choose from.

We have agreements and students in Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth and Darwin, but if you have seen another city in Australia where you would like to study, contact us and we will find out how to connect you with good quality institutions based there.

The requirements may change depending on your profile and the type of school you choose, but some general requirements to study in Australia are the international student health insurance (OSHC) and the study visa. Educonnecting helps you in all this process so you can achieve your dream of studying in Adelaide.

Being in the southern part of the country, Adelaide has a more temperate climate than other cities in Australia and its temperatures are between 28 degrees in summer (November to February) and 8 degrees in winter (June to August). Due to its geographical location, keep in mind that December is in the middle of summer, while June is winter, in case you are not used to it and want to plan your study months in one season or the other.

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